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Making the decision to move school at 14 is significant. But so are the decisions you are making right now about your GCSE options. The subjects you choose right now will impact on the decisions you are able to make about A-Level options, University and apprenticeships. Ultimately about your future career. Here at Scarborough UTC alongside your core GCSEs you will study a curriculum that builds the skills employers need, and are looking for to join their workforce. In world class facilities you will work on employer led projects and have access to masterclasses from the experts themselves!



Technical subjects:

The study of technical subjects is vital in developing the core knowledge, skills and understanding needed by all good engineers, computer scientists and health professionals.  In particular being able to work in practical environments designing, and engineering products and systems, building networks and writing and testing programmes and working in care settings and simulation prepares our students extremely well for successful careers in engineering, cyber and health.

Core subjects:

During key stage 4 all students work towards national qualifications-usually GCSEs. At Scarborough UTC all students study the following national curriculum subjects which we call the core subjects.

Project based learning

Foster the development of key employability skills through the application of knowledge, skills and understanding in to projects designed on industry contexts. Students participate in masterclasses, engineering and computer science workshops, work placements and project work, and gain the core skills needed for employment which we call our professional values and employability skills. These skills are all transferable and highly sought by employers. 

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Technical skills development activities

Building a set of core competencies in the use of hand tools, machinery, equipment and ICT found in all good engineers, computer scientists and health professionals.

Technical curriculum qualifications

Achievement of three complimentary technical qualifications which give broad based knowledge, understanding and skills in engineering, linked to our engineering specialism and which through their GCSE equivalency provide excellent opportunities for progression.  


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