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Care Guidance and Support

We have a dedicated member of staff responsible for pastoral care for Years 9, 10 & 11 in college – as well as a Head of Sixth Form who looks after their pastoral needs. Students tell us they feel safe at our college and we are very proud of this. We have some anti-bullying champions and students are encouraged to talk openly if they are having any issues. We also provide a counselling service and a school nurse who comes every week to offer further support.


Support, whenever you need it.

Every day at Scarborough UTC starts with a tutor session when students work alongside their tutor on a designated pastoral curriculum.

Tutors are the first point of contact between your child and their studies and help monitor their academic work and well-being here at the UTC. Each week we have a thought and theme that help students to explore British Values and support their Personal Development.

Our day to day activities includes the following time for students to gain support and guidance:

Monday  Personal Development Curriculum 
Tuesday  Assembly led by Senior Leadership Team or Visitors 
Wednesday  Personal Development Curriculum 
Thursday  Personal Development Curriculum
Friday  Review of the week, attendance, rewards and analysis of codes

Conduct for Learning

High quality learning and teaching is at the heart of Scarborough UTC as it is this that supports the highest quality outcomes and destinations for our students.  For our students to achieve at their highest level it is essential that they meet Learning Expectations in every lesson. 


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